Although the arrival of the Covid-19 pandemic put some non-urgent decisions and/or actions on the back burner, obligations cannot be avoided. This is the case with compliance with the PCI DSS standard and the commitments of the seal that accredits Dingus as a PCI Compliance Service Provider Level 1.

The value of Dingus as a PCI company is to ensure 100% security of the booking process from any sales channel and regardless of its nature, increasing the confidence of the customer, the channel and the rest of the stakeholders that make up the range of solutions integrated in one way or another with our products. Now, the entry into force of the EU directive PSD2 increases the restrictions on the use of customer cards. We can no longer delay the complete removal of cards from our systems: we must allow payments to continue to be processed without card data and only with tokens.

We have recently carried out an information campaign among Dingus customers to inform them that, as of 31 January, card data will no longer be sent to all suppliers integrated with us, as established in the Declaration of Compliance (AOC) of the PCI DSS certification.

The different procedures, depending on whether or not Book&Payment is available as a payment processor and to comply with the regulations, will be explained in more detail if necessary by the different departments involved, as indicated in the communiqué received by each customer. We are sure that with this action we will achieve greater protection for the hotel and its guests.