The International Cluster of Information and Communication Technologies applied to Tourism has just organized and participated, respectively, in two of the most outstanding events of recent days in Mallorca. This is the case of the fifth edition of the Knowing for Growing meetings for members of Turistec, an appointment with the companies that are leading the application of the latest technologies and which, as highlighted by the president of the ICT-Tourism cluster and CEO of Dingus and Hitt Group, Jaume Monserrat, allow “the development and/or implementation of innovative tools that respond to the needs and preferences of the tourism industry. The same one to which so many companies of Turistec give service and technological solutions”.

On this occasion, the proposal “Travel through Cloud” was approached from the perspective of the provider Google Cloud (the brand with which the American company markets all its web development applications on the same platform), its partner Bluekiri and its client, TravelgateX. The afterwork event was held at the Caixa Forum in Palma de Mallorca, with the collaboration of Obra Social de La Caixa.

Monserrat also had the opportunity to moderate one of the round tables of the recent International Seminar on Innovation and Tourism, INTO 2018. In Palma’s business and technology park, ParcBit, nearly two hundred participants attended debates such as ‘5G&IoT’.

The experts in the theory of the fifth generation of mobile telephony, still to be deployed, reviewed its main characteristics: the speed up to 100 times faster than 4G; the latency of 1ms; the total coverage and availability of almost 100%, as well as the 90% reduction in energy consumption in the network. All this with the ability to connect a multitude of devices thanks to Internet of Things: an alliance of technologies called to revolutionize all productive sectors with real-time communication between people, between devices and between people and devices.

To finish the review of the appointments in which we have participated in recent days, both on behalf of Dingus and Etoolinnovation, several of our developers attended the Codemotion Madrid. Our IT professionals found in this technical conference dedicated to all languages and technologies the latest developments in Software Architecture, Cloud/Serverless, Big Data, DevOps, AI/Machine Learning, Cybersecurity, IoT or Blockchain, among others.

Codemotion is a benchmark for the most technological profiles in companies such as Hitt Group, ready to lead innovation. The seventh edition of this meeting reached figures such as 2,000 participants, more than 80 talks and almost a hundred speakers from all over the world, together with the main Spanish technology communities.