As in so many other organizations, Dingus and Etooltech professionals met at Christmas. Also as in many companies, and depending on the possibilities of each year, we even exchange gifts. This time, everything we have invested in buying them has a solidarity goal: We have raised more than a thousand euros for the benefit of the Cerebral Palsy Association in the Balearic Islands.

Aspace is a center of reference, with almost a hundred workers to serve on the islands to more than 250 users in their different services: early care, school, day center, residence, leisure and adapted sport, etc… it also offers others directly related to the development of autonomy and incorporation at school, work and social.

One of the contributing activities is the craft workshops. And we have resorted to them to acquire some of our gifts (with a very special touch) for this Christmas. This same week we had the opportunity to exchange our solidarity vouchers with the members of Aspace, in the Christmas market that the association installed in our offices.

Dingus y Aspace

The money raised exceeds one thousand euros, that we believe well invested: Aspace will allocate them to the acquisition of an articulated bed for its dependencies, and we’ll also give these festivities a lovely and very valuable craft for all that it represents!