The year we have closed leaves a milestone that has consequences beyond the satisfaction and pride of having managed to reach the 1,000 hotels of net growth in Dingus. The HITT Group project, materialized in the boom and consolidation of the Dingus brand, confirms the reality that the tourism industry is committed to the integration of technology in its value chain.


With more than 3,100,000 processed reserves, the consolidation of a wide range of sales channels in constant growth of 90% compared to 2015, as well as an international implementation process that is moving forward with a firm step, we are in a moment where we must give the definitive leap from “good company” to “best company”.

The response of the HITT Group in general (and of Dingus in particular) is the commitment to quality: paraphrasing Henry Ford “quality is doing the right thing, even when no one looks”. In addition, the technology-service binomial poses challenges coupled with complex quality policies that require convergence plans between sectoral and communication objectives that are very complex … and long-term. The perception of the “quality” concept continues to be disparate between the tourism and technological worlds.

With sustained growth of 44% in managed reserves since 2013, confidence in the brand deposited by our customers is a fact more than evident. But beyond the satisfaction that this implies as a company, it represents constant challenges in terms of service, vigilance and training, directly proportional to the billing volumes through our products – in 2016 amounted to 2.2 billion units – with average growths of 65% per year for sale managed since 2013.

Responsibility-company, precisely, is the key element pivoting the strategic plans that have been applied at the brand level in the last 4 years. Responsibility understood from all angles: with customers, the market, workers and society. All these factors determine our continuous struggle for competitiveness-company. This inevitably leads us to become part of the “digital economy” ecosystem, within a 2020 horizon. It is the great challenge and the best guarantee to remain innovative, profitable and effective for that socio-economic ecosystem to which we belong.

Both the technology and tourism sectors need companies that continue to offer innovative products and services, as well as business models that are able to increase the competitiveness of our customers based on high-level service criteria. The consciousness of the role played by the company at every moment is a reflection that we must make more and more assiduously. We really intend to continue to be leaders in our activity, where the capacity for surprise is no longer a guarantee and where the speed of generation, development and fall of new businesses increases exponentially. It is therefore imperative to design management models and methods to continuously analyze the status quo and make decisions that keep the organization well placed in an increasingly diverse and global theater of operations.

The challenges we face in 2017 psychologically plan a concept that, internally, we identify as “the 4 digits” in reference to the milestone of 1,000 hotels. To finish developing the “good company” approaches, based on the management of competitiveness strategy, quality assurance, reliability and innovation, are the big arguments that customers expect from a brand like Dingus. In this we work already. Happy New Year!






 Jaume Monserrat, CEO de Dingus