The University of the Balearic Islands and the International Cluster to which it belongs Dingus, Turistec, recently renovated its agreement to improve the training of the students of Tourism in ICT. The result of this collaboration, in which we participated voluntarily for the fourth consecutive year, we have just received the visit of students in the course of business & Strategic Models in tourism (Master in direction and planning of tourism).

Accompanied by the Doctor of Business Economics and Quantitative Methods Rebeca Mendez, thirty students were interested in how information and communications technology have changed the models of hotel and tourism business. The training activity was based on a general presentation on aspects of the distribution, marketing, strategy and the technology of Dingus, information that the students should expand with their questions. Con todo esto deben preparar un informe de conclusiones.

The meeting addressed the essence of a technology provider as Dingus in terms of business vision, what provide our organization in knowledge and technology, as well as the solutions and tools that respond to the needs of the customers. Was exposed as exemple that the distance between the online and touroperation is becoming shorter and we have always thouth that it is necesary to grow up in a solution of joining criterias, moving forward towards global solutions.