• In our company we have dedicated much of the month of August to review concepts and procedures to improve and optimize the relationship with all those customers who trust us, as well as in our technological solutions
  • Directbeds expert in revenue, coaching, tourism training and Headhunting, Mireia Faugier, was in charge of updating us this summer

Business development, awareness of the numbers of passengers that are moving tourism, how the hotel chains and their intermediaries, tour operators and Incomings operate, the peculiarities of each market and trends… are some of the concepts that the staff of Dingus has reviewed this summer in the days of training and recycling that have been carried out in our headquarters in Mallorca.

Mireia Faugier, the head of the training, recalls that “recycling helps to advance in a world as changing as tourism, and nothing better than to take advantage of the months of” less work “to invest in training. In fact, forming and launching an individual career plan helps to avoid the march of good workers, contributing to loyalty”.  For Faugier, expert in revenue, coaching, tourism training and Headhaunting and founder of Directbeds, the experience has been very positive, since “we all need to know where we are. More training translates into more knowledge and work control. Sometimes the concepts are confused and must be made clear so that (in this case Dingus) can understand each of its customers and how they work and market. There are currently no standardized manuals on commercial procedures (we are in the free market era), and it is important to understand each customer individually”.

With a wide and consolidated experience in the field of tourism, teaching and mentoring, Mireia Faugier points out that with such actions, the trainees, in addition to being recycled, can “awaken the mind and spend a pleasant time with the mixture of training and ‘ Role play ‘practical’. Meanwhile, in addition to motivating and educating employees, Dingus bets on these actions by a “more qualified staff when it comes to customer service and loyalty.”

In this sense, the Director General of Dingus says that “in a changing environment such as distribution, with so many destinations and typologies of products with which we are in the company, we have the obligation, the duty and the need to recycle our knowledge “. For Víctor Sánchez it is not only “the trends and strategies of sales, but to know the positioning of all the actors involved in the process. We are convinced that these training actions bring us closer to the client, their concerns and needs, allowing us to advance the quality of the service we are required

Sánchez and Faugier believe that all companies should take advantage of the economic training items that can be freed up through the Tripartite Foundation, an option on which there is still a great lack of knowledge”. It’s about working for the concept that “it’s no longer enough satisfy your customers. You have to leave them delighted”.