If the brand image of Dingus and its products and services have evolved in recent years to adapt to the requirements of the market, customers, channels and partners … how could we not modernize our website?.

The portal has been remodeled following trends and designs of the moment, betting on clear and direct messages. We want the visitor who accesses Dingus for the first time to have all the preliminary data at a glance, and that in that case as well as in the case of regular users and customers, easily enter in the technological solution or the product about which they want to consult.

In this way, we propose from how and through what service hotels can expand commercial capacity, boost direct sales, or manage collections in compliance with PCI regulations… a complete catalogue of tailor-made solutions, regardless of the size and strategy (B2B or B2C) of the establishment. In addition, in the ‘connectivity’ tab you will find updated information on all sales and distribution channels (as well as the type of connectivity, Pull or Push) integrated with Dingus thanks to our own APIs, and from PMS, web providers/services and payment gateways available to our customers.

At dingus.es we talk to you about Bookincenter, Roomonline, MyChannel and Book&Payment, and we keep you informed about what we do as a technology provider, our current affairs as a brand, new customers and channels added every month, etc… And as communication is important for Dingus, we want to put the new website on the market from Smart Travel News, sponsoring the daily newsletter with which the digital updates us of everything that happens in the world of tourism and technology for the sector. We would like you to visit!