“API has come to favor and facilitate the modernization processes themselves, providing standardization and security. Betting on products that incorporate a clear API strategy will mean increasing levels of operational agility and taking advantage of new capabilities to promote innovative business solutions. We consider the adoption of Open innovation strategies as one of the key elements of business competitiveness.”

Jaume Monserrat

CEO & Co-founder Hitt Group

The clear business positioning of Dingus and Hitt Group in its approach towards the client’s Marketplace, to ensure that it is the client that decides on its own innovation policy, is one of the pillars on which we build Market Integrator: a strategy designed to promote the technological growth of hotels and tourist properties, sharing the programs that most and best allow them to integrate with all our products and services.

The gradual and continuous adoption of the Open Innovation concept allows us and will allow us to incorporate APIs of all Dingus products, so that the user can consider at all times the most appropriate integration of their systems. For us it is one of the most important steps in the process of digital transformation in which the company is immersed, and give transfer to the market, a firm commitment to flexibility and freedom of choice of the customer in their sales and distribution initiatives.

Market Integrator is the name we have given to the set of integration protocols themselves, allowing us to adapt to the technical, commercial and operational needs of each sales channel, taking full advantage of the functionalities of our tools. We constantly evolve the APIs according to the needs of both the market and the customers, with the necessary agility to transfer these advances to the integrations. One of the milestones achieved with this approach has been to almost triple the annual growth in the portfolio of sales channels in the last 2 years.

As a technological partner of the hotel establishment for the commercial management, the commitment to opening up our products to the market is an indication of the value of our assets. And an unequivocal sign of the Hitt Group’s commitment to innovation.

The value proposition that we are transferring with all this can be summed up in constantly expanding the sales capacity of our customers and API environments that favor the connection with all types of agents, from all our products. And of course, under the protection of the strictest existing security standards, derived from the very nature of this technology.