Throughout the entire circuit of tourism-related fairs and events that we have attended during 2019, it has once again become clear to us that hoteliers are aware of our vocation for constant innovation. And in view of this expectation, we cannot disappoint them.  So we take every opportunity to meet them to tell them what we are working on. In return, we receive some very valuable impressions to guide us. To know if we are on the right track in the development of solutions that meet their needs, or to establish the roadmap that will finally provide them with the answers they require from our technology.That is why we recognize them as our particular guides, in a business where it is so important to listen how to act.

Having said that, at the end of the year, we can conclude that the novelties and projects that we have been ahead of them have been welcomed with enthusiasm. Simply because they respond to the management requirements that arise in the day-to-day running of hotels. For example, we have found that they are (mostly) increasingly aware of the impact of the PCI-DSS standard on their hotels. While they continue to be concerned about chargebacks, which have increased this season as a result of the increase in online sales, the moratorium established for the implementation of the PSD2 regulation has meant that this is no longer a priority and urgent issue. The positive thing about this extension (although it is true that motivated by the inability of many operators to have everything ready when it touched), is that it allows hotels to evaluate the solutions of the market and, this time, adapt with time and calm. Also with margin to be able to make known to the whole organization what it implies, and adapt their procedures to it all.

Our contribution to all of the above lies in the possibilities of Book&Payment, as we are providing the functionalities that will cover the needs arising from this regulation, with proper compliance. These, as we have raised over the last few months with our clients, are mainly focused on the greatest possible automation of the derived tasks. It must be borne in mind that all this legislation can generate a lot of additional work, so that mechanization is essential to not lose efficiency. In other words: to automate and improve processes, we are aware that many hotels are waiting for us to put on the market the Rules level of our collection management platform, and thus be able to benefit from the functionality of collection rules (in addition to those discussed for PSD2). And we can assure you that we are in it, with all the development team focused on being ready as soon as possible, in the best conditions.

Finally, in the arranged or casual appointments that have allowed us to share a few minutes with Dingus customers, we have put on the table an exciting, ambitious and powerful tool designed to facilitate decision making through knowledge and… Well, I leave it here, because I would be anticipating too much to the official presentation that we hope to carry out in Fitur 2020. In a few weeks, alone. I’m sure it will have been worth the wait.

Paula Servera

Paula Servera

Business Development Manager – Product