• In 2020, such an atypical year due to the pandemic, Dingus was able to expand the distribution map for our customers to an average of one new integration every week and a half. In addition, we have consolidated the coverage of some strategic markets such as Canada, where we have connected almost all sales channels operating in the Caribbean, expanding existing markets and fully open to incorporate others…

In 2021 we are continuing along the same lines, also seeking to expand commercial and operational information with each sales channel, both for hotels and for our internal teams. Why? Because in this way we will optimise the result of the integrations, giving relevance to the business that can be generated beyond the technical issues involved.

The two strategies for our connectivity

At Dingus we understand that isolated solutions do not solve the complexity of hotel distribution. We need to consider systems and/or solutions that integrate with each other, considering the integration capacity of each solution to offer all the flexibility and versatility that the market requires. So we work on connectivities based on two strategies that allow us to offer a wide range of relevant integrations, and in an agile way.


Our top business development officer for channels and connectivities, Milena Galindo, explains how in Dingus “we understand our integration ecosystem as a Marketplace that goes far beyond the sales channels, including marketing tools, management tools, Business Intelligence, payment gateways, etc. That is why we are willing to integrate with any company that provides a complementary solution to ours, and that generates value for the hotelier in terms of distribution, operational or management strategy“.

We think it is important to note that we always approach integration from a business point of view, rather than a technical one: “It is not about how to integrate, but how that integration can increase efficiency and competitiveness in terms of market maximisation”. To paraphrase Dingus CEO Jaume Monserrat, an integration is not a piece of ‘code’, but a piece of ‘business’, and that statement explains quite well how we approach connectivity in the company”.

Open Innovation

We work on the possibilities of open innovation because “the commitment to develop our own APIs allows us to quickly connect new channels, models and demands, responding quickly and effectively to the changing needs of the market and our customers”.

Communication of each new connectivity

Dingus always announces the novelties for our clients, so that each connectivity that is incorporated is communicated directly to the hotels.  As a technical sheet, we explain the highlights of the channel being integrated, its advantages, source and target markets, contact… so that the hotel is always clear about what the new connection opportunity can bring and makes the best decision for its business.