• The latest report of the Balearic Observatory for the Information Society (OBSI), in which we thank the opportunity to have participated, collects in the form of statistics the data from a survey of organizations based in ParcBit, the Technology Park of Palma (Mallorca-Balearic Islands).

In total we are 172 companies (counting 26 startups in the incubation space), of which 73% have less than 10 employees, and 8% exceed 50. Most of them (42.5%) provide ICT services (as in our case), just over 16% are from the tourism sector, and another 10% are related to biotechnology or health. Between them they add up to a turnover of around 1,100 million euros, and four out of every hundred also turned over abroad, thanks to clients, mainly and in that order, in Mexico, the United Kingdom, Germany, France and the USA.

The study shows that the proportion in the technology park is six men for every four women, and that in management positions the difference increases: 20% women versus 80% men.

So much for the general conclusions of the questionnaire. But what would we have said from Dingus and Etoolinnovation (Hitt Group) if we had been able to expand on the answers? We have done that exercise of collecting more precise and complete information on the questions posed, and this is the result. Do you want to take a look at it?…

How do we organise telework at Hitt Group?

Being a technology services company makes it easier to work outside the office environment. In fact, our colleagues in the Canary Islands, Andalusia, Alicante, Madrid, Slovenia, and several in Cancun, operate in this modality. In figures, 7% of the group’s staff in Spain and 8% in Mexico work from home. This is also partially the case for those who, for reasons of conciliation (minor children or dependent elderly people) and/or with special needs for time available outside our facilities, work their working day both in person and from home. Another case is that of those who have international responsibilities or tasks, in order to provide service to Spain and Mexico, for example, by bridging the hourly differences between two continents.


In short, Hitt Group ensures that its teams at the corporate headquarters, Dingus and Etoolinnovation, can benefit from a flexibility that we consider essential in our work dynamics. In order to make it as easy as possible to reconcile work and family life, Hitt’s timetables are adapted to the entrance and exit of schools, and the staff are provided with laptops, screens, a company telephone or any other tool necessary to carry out their work correctly, regardless of where it is done.

What is the average age of our staff?

Similar to the rest of the ParcBit companies that participated in the Balearic Information Society Observatory survey: 35 years old, with an average stay in the company of over four and a half years. The training profile also corresponds to that of qualified personnel, mostly with university studies. In fact, we offer and maintain active DUAL training places, which allow you to continue with your studies and train while you work.

Equality Plan

As part of its corporate responsibility project, Hitt Group has set a strategic objective of an equality plan that will be implemented as early as 2020. Currently, 48% of the group’s 68 employees are women and 52% men. The management committee is already fully equal in terms of directors and managers.

The salary range is established according to the position/task to be performed, without distinguishing between men, women or academic training, and in no case does it contemplate discrimination on the basis of sex, ideology, personal and family project, or any other assumption different from the professional training required.



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