In this complicated 2020, direct sales have grown, driven by last minute bookings and the higher percentage of reliability. In a scenario of such uncertainty, customers mainly demand flexibility in cancellation and modification policies, something that has favored the search for direct contact with the hotel and reservations through its own website. In this situation:

  • Dingus allows to centralize the hotel offer in a single digital environment, so that hotels can perform the complete management in all distribution channels from the same business platform, including the direct channel.
  • Our strategy is based on the omnicanality, to offer the hotel a management of the sale adapted to the maximum to each channel and client. If our booking engine allows us to adapt the marketing tactics of the direct channel and adapt the offer to the guest, the consequence is obvious: it translates into a higher sales conversion.
  • It is the hotel itself that can transfer its complete pricing policy, promotions, experiences and personalized services, attracting more customers to its website and improving the conversion rate.
  • Our booking engine allows automatic, real-time synchronization of prices and inventory, without the need for mapping, saving time and costs.
  • We have developed the most modern technology, with a ‘Flat Rate’ model that ensures the hotel a scalability in operating costs and have a stable review of those attributable to direct sales.
  • And of course, complying with the PCI standard and the PSD2

And with the integrative vision that the booking engine is part of a whole, designed to optimize distribution and facilitate occupation.

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