The University of the Balearic Islands recently hosted the closing ceremony of the third edition of the Training Classroom for Accommodation and Intermediation with which Dingus collaborates. The initiative has once again been aimed at students of Business Administration and Tourism at the UIB, under the direction of Mireia Faugier (DirectBeds Revenue&Coaching), and in it we have been able to transfer part of what technological innovation implies for the world of distribution and tourism intermediation to the new promotion of students.

This training, in which 53 of the 220 applicants have finally been able to participate, is proposed as a means to “establish a real and effective bridge between the expansion of training and the subsequent incorporation into the labour market of university students. This objective is materialized in companies such as Dingus, which after each promotion incorporates some of them to its staff”.

The closing ceremony highlighted the academic interest in “bringing value and knowledge to the tourism sector in the practical part of the world of work, promoting access for qualified young people”. The event concluded with the awarding of diplomas and the consolidation of the classroom in a future edition. Our brand will be delighted to participate in it together with the rest of collaborating companies with this interesting project of technological-tourism training.