• The International Tourism Fair in Madrid has managed to generate an atmosphere of recovery, although uneven and conditioned by vaccination, the lifting of restrictions and the generation of confidence.
  • The hotels connected to Dingus present at Fitur agree that they are ready to tackle the season.
  • The connectivity department is consolidating our growth and implementation in the most important issuing markets.

The European Union Covid Digital Certificate, the change of travel traffic lights from red or amber to green, the lifting of restrictions in and from international countries, tourist confidence in the destination or the economic improvement for buying trips and stays are just some of the factors that determine the evolution of tourism. Perhaps too many variables which, however, have not prevented Fitur 2021 from exuding positivity.At least on the part of most of the clients and channels we met at the fair.

The manager of Business Development at Dingus, Paula Servera, points out that “the Spanish winter destinations (Canary Islands) see a clear possibility of recovery for the autumn and are happy, as they believe that as the hotels open they will not take steps backwards. Nor do they expect there to be any significant competing destinations”.

As for the areas with more summer dependence, such as the Balearic Islands, most of our clients are still betting on opening gradually over the coming months, and in those that are already open, occupancies are better than expected, “of course their expectations were lowered and the hotels in operation are capturing the diversions and demand from the closed establishments, which greatly improves their occupancy“. The important thing detected by the commercial and business area of Dingus at Fitur is that “there are no forecasts of going backwards, as the progress of the vaccination allows us to see an end to the pandemic, so saving the uncertainty of the previous months is already a lot. I also understand that the hotels that are worse off or have little prospect of opening because they do not expect to have a moderately profitable season, have not come to the fair”. 

As for British tourists, on whom many hotels depend for the season, all agree that they will travel to Spain this summer when the current limitations come to an end. The doubt they raise is whether it will be in June or July… And it should be noted that the announcements of operators who have decided not to offer Spain until September have influenced some hoteliers to consider not opening this summer.

We were left with the general impression that this year we had to be at Fitur, to show that the sector is fighting to reactivate itself, “demonstrating all the work that is being done and that it is ready to tackle the season. All this despite the fact that it was a fair with a much smaller number of visitors. But it is also true that there was less of a rush and, therefore, the opportunity to talk more calmly with those who normally don’t get the time you need. Our customers have also taken advantage of these meetings to get to know the market information we have, resulting in an interesting exchange of data and opinions between all of us”.

Integration strategies

With more than 500 integrations with tourism operators all over the world, Dingus aims to ensure the hotel has a wide integration capacity and maximum efficiency. Growing the distribution map increases the opportunities in business management, by having a greater number of sales channels to connect with.

At Fitur, from the Connectivities area, David Delgado highlights the meetings with channels “that operate both in the Caribbean and in Europe, generating and increasing synergies for joint growth. Likewise, we have increased our collaboration with technology companies for the implementation and management of channels and new Revenue Apps, which allows us to continue our growth and implementation in the most important outbound markets for the destinations of the hotels connected with Dingus”. Our connectivity specialists assure that “all the actions carried out place us at the forefront alongside OTAs, TTOOs and other channels, to face the increase in demand that is expected in the short and medium term”.