• The official agreement between the Dean of the Faculty of Tourism and the CEO and co-founder of Dingus (Hitt Group), Antonio Guevara and Jaume Monserrat, will allow students of the University of Malaga to be trained in tourism technology.

Dingus has just extended its line of collaboration for the training of students in tourism technology by signing a new agreement, this time with the University of Malaga. The protocol ratified this week in the andalusian capital between the dean of the Faculty of Tourism, Antonio Guevara, and the CEO and co-founder of the company, Jaume Monserrat, formalizes the objective of “achieving common ends and carrying out activities that result in mutual benefit. All this with special reference to those related to research, development, innovation and training.

Monserrat explained that this protocol will allow, in particular, “access to the different Dingus hotel distribution software platforms. A use of Bookincenter, Roomonline or Book&Payment, in a controlled and simulated way, through which students will be able to make direct contact with the tools and technological solutions with which they will work in the future“. For his part, Guevara said that “the advancement of ICT and its application to tourism makes its knowledge increasingly important and necessary for quality training and research. For the university, through the Faculty of Tourism, it is essential to have access to the latest generation of technological tools to provide quality teaching to students“.

It should be borne in mind that this faculty teaches subjects related to intermediation and hotel distribution, and several master’s degrees related to technology and tourism, hotel management and management, so that “this relationship provides very practical knowledge to complement all the theorists”.

In the collaboration agreement, which is established for a renewable year if both parties consider it appropriate, the University of Malaga considers Dingus as “a hotel distribution company focused on the development of technological solutions for marketing, developing powerful tools that have positioned the company among the leading technology companies in the tourism sector”. Also highlighted is our “vision of strengthening the ICT-tourism relationship based on innovation, the creation of a work style and the commitment to professionals committed to growth and the creation of wealth. And all of this with maxims focused on knowledge, innovation and objective application“.

The protocol also establishes the constitution of a mixed commission that, in addition to overseeing compliance with its conditions, can formulate specific proposals for action and propose lines of collaboration in research projects or programmes. Beyond the technological training of tourism students, the agreement will allow, for example, the joint organisation of courses, seminars, conferences and scientific-technical conferences.

All these possibilities in Malaga are especially important for Dingus, where the company began operating in 2011 with about thirty hotels (more than 170 to date). Andalusia is the third autonomous community with the highest number of Dingus solutions, and we have always felt especially well received there. So it is very satisfying for us to collaborate and exchange knowledge with their institutions.