• If the last editions of Fitur have been marked by a wide deployment of Dingus to reach current and future customers, as well as partners and distribution channels, in this 2020 we will schedule appointments according to your real needs and interests. You tell us how we can help you, and we will take care of advising you with the specialized team in each area.

Everyone in the tourism industry, including technology providers like Dingus, knows how important time is at Fitur. In this next edition we have chosen a strategy of diversification of appointments that will allow us to explain in detail the product or service that best fits your business model. All this focused and concentrated on practical and agile meetings.

  • Do you want to know all the details for secure payment guaranteed by Book&Payment or the benefits and advantages of having BookInCenter in your hotel?. We propose a meeting with our sales team… They will explain how our collection management platform certified in compliance with the standard PCI DSS not only provides legal and financial security, but allows you to collect the reservation (the contract) in one click. In short, a unique platform that manages the security of credit cards and charges.

This same philosophy of centralization of work, of the day-to-day of the hotel in its distribution, marketing and sales policy, is what has also led us to evolve BIC far beyond a conventional channel manager, and to prepare it so that you have the Central Reservation System with the greatest differential value provided to the market.

  • Do you need an individual follow-up or do you need to know the details of the new Dingus Premium Service? Our Support department will visit you to offer you extra help to face certain workloads that for different reasons you cannot assume: from promotions, to certain operational and tedious tasks such as mapping or buffer review…
  • And if you already trust our solutions, our Customer Services colleagues will be at your disposal to attend your questions and proposals, as well as to introduce you to the new RoomOnLine reservation engine and the future Data Hotel we are working on. Based on the Big Data technology and artificial intelligence, we will explain in the tourism fair of Madrid the axes of the first product that we are developing to offer the client all the business intelligence, historical data, context analysis, and a powerful tool for the design of ad-hoc reports, among other functionalities.

This strategy responds to the conviction that we have an answer for every requirement and a knowledge that complements technology as an added value. We return to Fitur convinced that the continuous investment in innovation that we practice translates into more and better functionalities. And we will not do it alone: we will be part again of the expedition of the International Cluster of Information and Communication Technologies applied to Tourism, Turistec, and several of its partners.


Jaume Monserrat

CEO & Co-founder Hitt Group

“Dingus is presented at Fitur 2020 with the most extensive range of products and services in our history. It is the experience of more than 15 years put at the service of the challenges posed by the digital transformation in general. But also of the most immediate problems generated by the high distribution capacity that the world of tourism offers today, derived from the very process of globalization. We designed an offer to cover the distribution needs through a set of products that represent a true 360 solution. The management with which to work from a reservation centre concept, the distribution strategies in B2B and B2C; products for the organisation of direct sales, where the client has control of the product; a channel manager with the widest distribution offer in the holiday business in Europe and America… and finally a unique platform for the management of credit cards that allows the security and collections to be dealt with in the same environment, and aligning them with the hotel’s own commercial strategy”.