Dingus has opened the month of June with an important update for our clients: the new version 19.0 of Bookincenter improves the previous ones and incorporates functionalities developed expressly to speed up the management of the sale in such an important moment for the reactivation of the sector.

With this objective, in this new delivery the hotels that trust BIC will be able to:

  • be deactivated from an installation while preserving its historical
  • have new functionalities in the management of tariffs in calendar, avoiding the previous step by the contract
  • incorporate traceability records in the area of tariffs, quotas, sales stops and price rules
  • integration with DataHotel DINGUS® to apply price and quota management analysis and performance capabilities
  • improve performance by periodically deleting redundant information
  • integrate the time use of the user’s PC to display in the application’s calendars
  • improve performance in the API Contracting, increasing the efficiency of integration with other suppliers

In addition, we have proceeded to review and solve some shortcomings by solving the visual impact in the management of massive collections, which now allows their quick identification and filtering, and making the Book&Payment eframe fully functional from BIC.

With the commitment to offer our clients constant improvements in the technology we make available, we are already working on the next optimization package.  We want to offer maximum functionality and efficiency, while continuing to add new integrations. As always, the aim is to continue to provide added value. Especially when the drive for recovery has become the challenge shared by Dingus as a supplier and the hotels as the main players in the recovery.