270 hotels managed by more than 60 Dingus customers are being contacted to guide and assist them in the process of stopping and disconnecting operations with Thomas Cook contracts and their brands, affected by the fall of the British travel group.

In addition, Dingus is preparing a list of integrations aimed at the British and German markets, which may be able to alleviate the situation generated by the wholesaler in the short term. All this in parallel to the actions of hoteliers, federations and the public sector, which are already working to solve the lack of air connectivity caused by the fall of the British giant.

The two Spanish archipelagos, the Canary Islands and the Balearic Islands, where 27% of our national market share is concentrated, are the most affected areas in terms of Dingus’ customer catalogue. As technology providers, the challenge is to put into practice the differential value that positions Dingus one step beyond the conventional Channel Manager, applying the advantages and benefit of being an effective partner in the management of the hotel business.