• “Dingus: market place & business platform to meet the industry’s evolving needs” is the title of the presentation with which Milena Galindo will present our proposal at the Distribution panel of the Hospitality Marketplace #Justpitchit organised by Hyper Guest. The B2B platform promotes this virtual event with 40 companies of high technological level, to support hoteliers in their strategic and operational work. The meeting will be held between December 1 and 4, and will be broadcast live on the FunnelTV network: Linkedin, Youtube and Facebook, simultaneously.

From December 1 to 4, between 3:00 and 6:00 pm CET, 40 companies will come together online to “inspire the world of hospitality and travel technology”. All of them are leaders, pioneers in the industry innovative and disruptive, able to show hoteliers that their reason for being, offers, products and services are the most appropriate in the market”. The Hospitality Marketplace #Justpitchit is conceived as a virtual meeting place to “facilitate the meeting and correspondence between travel technology and hoteliers looking for new suppliers, and will be focused on the areas of distribution, marketing, operations and revenue. The organisers of Hyper Guest estimate that it will reach over 1,000 attendees from all over the world live, and over 5,000 subsequent views, thanks to the simultaneous broadcast on Linkedin, Youtube and Facebook via the FunnelTV network and access to the menu on social networks.

The format will be that of six-minute presentations by each speaker, as a ‘pitch elevator’ and another six minutes of open question and answer session with the hoteliers. Milena Galindo (Business Development Manager – API Market / Connectivity & Partnership Manager of Dingus) will focus the intervention of our company on “the main challenges and needs of the hotel sector on distribution, as well as our vision of solutions that accompany and evolve with it. Today we cannot consider systems and solutions in isolation, as they do not solve the complexity of hotel distribution. We need to consider alternatives that integrate with each other and the integration capacity of each solution, to offer all the flexibility and versatility that the market requires”.

The intervention of Dingus is planned for the next day, December 2nd, dedicated to the approach of the Distribution, in a schedule that we will announce you shortly. But you can already register on the event page by clicking here.