• As president of Turistec, the CEO of Dingus and Hitt Group has just signed a collaboration agreement with the Spanish Association of Scientific Experts in Tourism (AECIT) from which we hope to benefit all the members of the cluster of technology for the tourism industry.

The presidents of AECIT and Turistec (Felio José Bauzá and Jaume Monserrat, respectively) have signed an agreement to collaborate “in achieving common goals and carrying out activities that are of mutual benefit, especially those related to innovation, research, development and training, and as a priority in the field of ICT applied to tourism”.

The collaboration between the cluster and AECIT, the Spanish Association of Scientific Experts in Tourism, will be based on five lines:

  • The exchange of information and documentation on the activities and matters developed by both institutions, always respecting the interests of third parties and acting in accordance with the provisions of current legislation.
  • The organisation of joint activities related to technological development, innovation and new technologies.
  • The joint organisation of seminars, conferences and scientific-technical and training
  • The execution of specific cooperation projects.
  • The provision of technical services of scientific advice on issues related to the activities of Turistec and AECIT.

In short, all actions considered to be of mutual interest will be established, within the possibilities of both organisations.

This agreement is part of the express interest of the International Cluster of Information and Communication Technologies applied to Tourism in expanding the range of possibilities for knowledge transfer for our set of companies and entities, whether associated or linked to Turistec by an agreement, and with the aim of improving the value proposition of all and its impact in terms of innovation and socio-economic”. For this reason, Jaume Monserrat values very positively this new relationship with the research and professional association, which brings together “university professors, researchers and professionals of recognised prestige in the ecosystem of the tourism sector, companies, universities, institutions and consultancies in Spain”.

As partners of Turistec, a Balearic-based cluster chaired by the CEO of Dingus and Hitt Group, Jaume Monserrat, we trust that this agreement will promote the objective of “transfer knowledge between universities, companies and society” and that we can contribute to enhancing the value of research in the various fields applied to tourism, in our case, technology. We also agree with the approach of AECIT and Turistec that this transfer of knowledge should be considered “a strategic policy in the development of territories and companies”.