• Technology is playing an increasingly important role in ensuring the competitiveness of companies, which is why Dingus®‘s value proposition is now focused on being the hotel’s integral technology and knowledge partner. We want our customers to be able to optimise their distribution as much as possible and contribute to the completion of their digital transformation processes.

The new Dingus® Smart products have two main orientations. One is knowledge, to facilitate decision making. And the other, towards the automation of tasks to improve efficiency. With this clear purpose in mind, 2024 will be the year in which our current and future customers will start to use the new solutions by accessing the Dingus+T® business platform, a unique environment that concentrates all our services with an innovative user experience, a dashboard to have an overview of the distribution and the results, and a two-way meeting point: to communicate with Dingus® and to receive all the alerts and news.

But not only that. The new Dingus+T® platform is also an environment that brings together the various players in the distribution chain, both distribution channels and service providers.  What we are doing is putting our expertise in connectivity and our innovative API offer at the service of Dingus® customers and partners, creating a 360º distribution offer that guarantees to cover all the sales needs of hotels, either through our own solutions or those of our partners, and creating a meeting place that facilitates access to the market.


Hotel – Dingus® – partner: the trinomial that inspires us

As a technological and strategic partner, Dingus® not only actively listens to hoteliers in order to understand their needs and objectives, but also to the distribution channels, which have their own motivations, growth objectives in target destinations, diversification and expansion of their market… The aim is to develop a strategy for all, based on innovation to ensure the most advanced and competitive product offer, business knowledge in tourism and technology, expansion and internationalisation.

Playing in this “league” requires constant attention to the needs of access to demand, market opening and knowledge of expansion priorities, as well as all possible innovations in integrations that favour sales strategies and increase sales KPIs. And for Dingus®, all of this applies to both sides of its connectivity in order to optimally match supply and demand.

With a distribution capacity of almost 371,000 rooms available in 1,400 hotels around the world, we consolidate a global connectivity offering with a rate of 40 new additions each year. Our portfolio includes more than 400 available connections with the most varied types of channels, and 70% of the integrations are already with our own APIs in a constant evolution of the most advanced Dingus® technology.


Cristina Torres. Corporate communication and media relations