Greece, Turkey, the Balearic and Canary Islands, Egypt, Italy, the United States, Bulgaria, Spain (peninsula) and Portugal will be the main destinations for Germans during the remainder of the year. This is the TOP 10 prepared by German agencies and tour operators on the basis of current reservations. Although the sales ranking is delimited by zones, as a whole (peninsula and islands) Spain maintains its leadership despite the fall of the Western Mediterranean to the benefit of the Turkish country.

These are the forecasts that were discussed this March during the ITB. But other considerations were also made in Berlin, such as those of the manager of the fair, Christian Göke, who stated that “personal contacts as a measure to generate trust and direct exchange between business partners on issues that concern the sector are not replaceable, even in a digital world, by the most modern means of communication”.  Our coincidence with that approach is total, and one of the reasons why Dingus again had a prominent presence at the tourist event, covering all business areas of the brand.

In strictly commercial terms, related to the positioning and loyalty of Dingus, our national sales manager Rodrigo Hernáez had the opportunity to meet with strategic clients and with different chains and independent hotels that have confirmed their interest in working with us. In something as important for the organization as connectivity, for our Business Development Manager – API Market, Milena Galindo, ITB has become the most important fair in Europe in terms of tourism technology. This is demonstrated by appointments with channels interested in connecting with Dingus or with those already connected and looking for new collaborations, maximising commercial relations or integration. Special mention should be made to companies interested in becoming technology partners, alliances that are proving to be strategic”.

In relation to the uncertainties discussed at the Berlin event, Paula Servera (Business Development Manager-Product of Dingus) speaks of ‘calm’ among hoteliers, aware that any comparison in sales between 2019 and 2018 is based “on the exceptionality of last year. However, it is also true that we perceive less concern among our customers, thanks to a profile that has opted to diversify sales.

As for Dingus’ strategy, CEO Jaume Monserrat highlights “the intense networking work carried out with TUI Group i, with whom we have development priorities which, in the medium term, should ensure the company’s new course as a company of great value in terms of knowledge of the distribution market. This will allow us to maintain the status of reference organization for the main sales channels. In the meetings with TUI Group we made progress in 3 integration projects, and in those with we continued to promote the current commercial relationship at a more ambitious level. “We believe that both alliances will translate into interesting opportunities for our clients in particular and the market in general”.

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And of course we have to thank RIU for being our ‘cicerone’ in Berlin, and for inviting us to their private party: a benchmark in the field of tourism as far as social events and parallel events to the ITB are concerned. It was a great opportunity to exchange impressions with those responsible for IT and market development, aligned with our short and medium term proposals.