Knowing the impact that tourism can have on a destination, we are convinced that Cuba’s socio-economic development is closely related to this industry. The recent expedition of Dingus® to the Caribbean republic to participate in its international tourism fair makes a positive balance of the opportunities for our customers and sales operators, with whom we are increasingly strengthening our relationship as a strategic partner, much more than a technological supplier.

FITCuba is the most significant professional event held annually by the Cuban tourism industry and in this 2023, for 3 days, it has allowed us to hold meetings with our clients in the area and other hotels and chains interested in connecting with Dingus®. In addition, they have conveyed to us their great involvement in the development of growth strategies in the area, with the incorporation of new establishments in the coming months and years.

Our portfolio of hotels in Cuba have expressed their satisfaction with the service, the support in the implementation of the project and the potential for growth by opening up to new distribution channels, the ability to automate operations and revenue. For their part, the business opportunities detected have linked a large part of their interest to being able to count on a 360º tool that covers all their distribution and process automation needs.

The Dingus® delegation at the fair, taking into account the specific complexity of the tourism activity in a country where, for example, the main OTAs cannot operate and direct sales become a very important part of the distribution, has deployed all the possibilities of the client’s channel mix and the connectivity with the Canadian, Latin American and European markets that the industry demands. All this at a time when, as confirmed by our hotel clients, sales volumes have increased thanks to our distribution platform.

At FITCuba, the aim of reaching three and a half million international tourists by 2023 was announced, a goal that the Cuban authorities themselves recognise is very high, although they maintain that they are working to achieve this objective. So far this year, Cuba has received one million foreign visitors and, although it is taking a little longer for European travellers, the Canadian market has already recovered by 80 per cent. This figure supports the interest shown in our integrations with the main operators in Canada.

In any case, all the players in the Cuban market allude to the progress in the digitalisation of the modes and forms of tourism distribution, highlighting Dingus® in their hotel business strategy and showing their willingness to grow with our technology in the short, medium and long term.


Cristina Torres. Corporate communication and media relations