• September 23rd: British travel group Thomas Cook immediately ceases operations
  • September 24th: Dingus launches a technological support action for customers affected by the situation generated, mainly in hotels in the Canary and Balearic Islands. All of them are contacted to guide them and help them in the process of stopping and disconnecting the operation with the wholesaler’s contracts and their brands
  • October 1st: more than a thousand hotels in our client portfolio receive the list of Dingus integrations that generate more clients and operate in the Central European and UK markets, as well as towards the fallen TTOO. All this with identification of the connectivity and type (Pull or Push), market of origin, typology, details of the market with which it operates and business model

During the last week, the different departments of Dingus with capacity of reaction to the fall of Thomas Cook have been employed thoroughly in the action that, as suppliers of technology for the tourist distribution, we understood that it could better serve our partners. To date, all of them, and especially the more than 60 clients with 270 hotels in the Canary Islands and the Balearic Islands (27% of our national market share), already have the document where all the distribution alternatives are proposed to alleviate the effects of the disappearance of the British wholesaler.

The proposed channels (OTAs, bedbanks and tour operators) have been segmented according to the type of active connectivity with Dingus (both Push and Pull) and their market. Taking into account TC’s scope of action, these are mainly operators in Central Europe (Holland, Germany, Switzerland and Belgium), as well as in the United Kingdom. The document, already received by more than a thousand customers, also offers market details of the suggested channel and its business model, B2B or B2C.

Parallel to this dossier on integrations, the Customer Service department is advising on demand on diversification strategies in the distribution strategy of our clients, with the incorporation of new markets or increasing direct sales. For its part, the company’s commercial team has the most appropriate answers to the needs of each hotel interested in accessing the products, services and integrations of Dingus. Contact us for more information at comercial@dingus.es