• Conil Resort and El Rompido are the two establishments that are already preparing to begin the recovery of Fuerte Hoteles, in exactly one month’s time. From July, the emblematic chain in Andalusia will reopen on the Spanish Costa de la Luz to begin the path to recovery. Dingus wants to know how these very hard months have been for our clients, how they are preparing to return and, above all, how they are facing a future that may not be the same, but certainly not worse for the post-COVID client during his stay.

There is only one month to go before Fuerte Group opens its two emblematic hotels on the Costa de la Luz. While Conil Resort and El Rompido are preparing to return, we go ahead of time with the Corporate Revenue Manager of the hotel group and a clear message to their clients: “we want to have them back in our hotels, and for this we are working very hard to guarantee their safety, maintaining the same quality as always”.  Javier Arjona explains that these previous weeks are “expanding the protocols that already existed on cleaning and disinfection of rooms and common areas. They are adapting the buffets to continue to enjoy them with the maximum guarantees of hygiene and safety, but, says Arjona, maintaining its essence. Our customers should know that we are working to ensure that their rest is the same as always, but with the peace of mind of being in a safe environment”. As far as the team is concerned, “there will be various trainings so that all employees have clear protocols for action to ensure their health and that of our guests”.

In the words of the Fuerte Hoteles representative “the opening forecasts depend on the hotel and the area where it is located”. Those on the Costa de la Luz that will open in July will do so with occupancies “that will depend on the national market, which we hope will be the first to recover. In the summer months these hotels have always had a mainly national audience, so we expect some moderate occupations”. As far as the establishments in Marbella are concerned, “we see their situation as more complicated, as their main clients are international and this market is going to take longer to return, although we appreciate the Government’s announcement a few days ago”. As for the hotel in Ibiza “the situation is much more complex: the great dependence on the airport and the international market make it very difficult to operate this 2020. But we continue with the hope of being able to operate, even if it is a very short time“.

The corporate head of Revenue regrets that “they are going to miss three very important months for us, such as April, May and June. In addition, the capacity limitations we will have at the time of opening to maintain the safety of our customers makes it impossible to ‘save’ the 2020 season”. In his opinion, “the only thing is that it will help us to reduce the losses we will have this year and prepare for the new normality with which we will have to coexist while we do not have a vaccine to help mitigate the disease”.

Very complex days to manage

As for the entire hotel industry, “the current moment has been one of much uncertainty and concern in the health part”. At Fuerte Hoteles they recognise that they have experienced very difficult days “although we have also seen a lot of solidarity in our society, which is encouraging. Now that the pandemic is under control, there is a certain recovery in one sector, the hotel industry, which has suffered greatly from this health crisis”. For Arjona “at first it was very sad to see how our customers had to leave our hotels in a hurry and not knowing when they could return. They were a few days very complex to manage”.

Over time it was assumed that “the most important thing was to control the pandemic and the health of everyone. Today, there is hope that we can plan to open up in a few weeks’ time”. The manager assures that the employees “are very involved and have demonstrated this during these weeks of confinement in which, through our RRSS, different activities have been organized to keep in touch with our clients”.

Dingus works for hotel reactivation

If during all these months we have continued to support our clients, now more than ever we want to thank them for their confidence and continue to be by their side for the recovery. That is why we value your words so highly:

“I value the performance of Dingus and its technology very positively because, for example, thanks to its platform we have been able to telework without being in the office. It has also offered us the possibility of postponing payment of our bills, which we appreciate because for Dingus it is also a great economic effort in this sense”.

Javier Arjona. Corporate Revenue Manager Fuerte Group Hotels