The meeting organised by Expedia Group, of which Dingus® is a Preferred Partner, brought together at the Hipotels Convention Center the most important players in the tourism industry operating in the destination of Mallorca. The objective: to face the activity with all the information that the sector expects to handle to incorporate into their sales and distribution strategies.

“Next May, Mallorca’s hotel plant will be 99.20% operational,” said the island’s hotel employers’ association at the round table on Mallorca as a destination for the global premium traveller. And it was about him in particular, his expectations, that a large part of the different interventions of María Frontera (president of the FEHM), Susanna Sciacovelli (island director of tourism for demand and hospitality in the Consell de Mallorca) and Fernando Ramiro, director for Spain and Portugal of Expedia Group, moderated by Maitane Moreno (MMO Communication Consultancy), were raised.

The promotion of the island, its complementary offer and the excellence/proposal of the plant that wants to attract, or increase its capacity to attract, ‘premium’ tourists, all agreed on the need to strengthen public-private collaboration. Both for this visitor profile and for tourists in general who choose Mallorca, they discussed the establishment of alliances to improve infrastructures, connectivity, sustainability and cultural, gastronomic, heritage and leisure alternatives. In short, it was discussed how all industry players can work in the same line (and even in coordination) to achieve their different objectives.

Transformation, consolidation and promotion

Before an audience as professionalised as the one gathered by Expedia Group, the platform had the opportunity to highlight its contribution to the sector through strategies designed to “put technology at the service of planning, offer personalised recommendations to each traveller, or promote an offer and a destination” in an optimal and attractive way. As an example, in this last aspect, it was pointed out that “53% of travellers researched or booked a destination after seeing it in a TV programme or film”.

Mikel Benito (Area Manager at Expedia Group) referred to specific aspects of their strategies in Mallorcan hotels, and other more general aspects such as the efforts of the island’s hotel industry in its transformation. According to the FEHM, from 2010 to date, the number of 4 and 5 star hotels has doubled (from 33% to 70%) and the more than 3,000 million euros invested have meant that 70% of the hotel plant has already been transformed.


Sponsorship of Dingus® in Mallorca and Benidorm

As a technology partner, Dingus® is committed to events such as the one recently held in Mallorca and sponsors events that promote the exchange of knowledge and the generation of business for our hotel clients.

For this reason, on April 17th we will be at the Expedia Group Partner Event in Benidorm, focused on profitability and diversification of new markets. Meet you there?





Cristina Torres. Dircom Dingus®