With all the caution required by the present moment, the hotel company has started this July a staggered reopening with strict safety and hygiene conditions. The message for its clients is “tranquillity and a serious response in the fulfilment of the hotel services adapted to the situation”. In this new delivery of the interviews that we have made to the clients of Dingus, you can know the plans of Hipotels and how they have forged the complicated months of closing and reflections on the business. Its sales manager, Xisco Fullana, tells us about them.

How has the crisis we are experiencing been and continues to be for your hotel company?

The present moment is completely different from any crisis we have experienced and affects all facets, both personal and economic, and especially the tourism industry directly.

And for the employees, how has the process been?

Any situation that affects the normal course of work is always traumatic. The important thing is to be aware of the situation and get involved in the protocols of action. The responsibility of each one is the most important thing to create an atmosphere of security and trust. We are aware that all Hipotels staff assume their role with total dedication and efficiency.

What are your forecasts for openness, under what conditions and with what prospects?

The opening will be staggered, depending on the evolution of the pandemic and the occupation. In a first step we will open some of our establishments in Mallorca and Andalusia. But the conditions will always be under strict protocol of security and hygiene, according to the current legal regulations. The prospects are not very promising, and will always depend on the evolution of the pandemic, its outbreaks and the confidence of the client to travel.

Do you think it will be possible to save the season and/or in what proportion?

The season cannot be saved, perhaps trying to reactivate the market as much as possible, giving a solid image of the destination by opening a part of the hotel plant. That instills confidence, but we have to be very careful.

What is Hipotels’ message to your customers?

Tranquility and a very serious response in the quality of the fulfilment of the hotel services, adapted to the new situation.

Committed to the management of #HotelReactivation

If during all these months we have continued to support our clients, now more than ever, from Dingus we want to thank them for their confidence and to continue by their side for the recovery and management of the different scenarios. For this reason we value your words extraordinarily:

“Our work system, as it could not be otherwise, is based on premises that have to be completely reliable and that at all times respond to the different needs of management, information and analysis, in order to make the best decisions. Dingus has always fulfilled our expectations, adapting at all times to the new needs demanded by the market”.










Xisco Fullana – Sales Manager Hipotels