• The SGS auditors certify the conditions of the group to maintain the accreditation of the standard that ensures the Quality Management Systems.

After days of interviews and meetings, SGS auditors have concluded that Hitt Group can renew ISO 9001 certification by meeting the criteria determined by the standard.

The audit was based on processes and focused on significant aspects, risks and objectives, in accordance with ISO 9001, concluding that “the organisation has established and maintained its management system in accordance with the requirements of the standard and demonstrates the capacity of the system to effectively meet the requirements of the product/service for its scope, objectives and policy”.

In particular, the objectives of the evaluation were to

  • certify the conformity of the management system with the audit criteria established in the Certification Regulation
  • confirm that the organisation has effectively implemented the management system as planned
  • confirm that the management system is capable of meeting the organisation’s objectives and policy

How ISO 9001 affects the company

Basically it helps us to develop and improve performance, demonstrating high levels of service quality, as well as allowing us to opt for contracts. With this standard implemented

  • we operate more efficiently
  • we comply with statutory and regulatory requirements
  • we reach new markets
  • we can identify risks and address them

It should be remember that the ISO 9001 Quality Management Systems model is the most widely used in national and international customer/supplier relationships, and that it is of particular importance in demonstrating the ability to meet the needs of those who rely on our technological offer of products and services.

Maintaining certification means that our customers and partners can continue to identify us as a supplier and partner committed to the eight principles of quality management: customer focus; leadership; staff engagement; process-based approach; organizational context; continuous improvement; fact-based decision making; and risk-based reasoning.