• We will share the session with the company Beer Lovers next 13th, in the seventh edition of these meetings organized by the Society of Reciprocal Guarantee

With more than 23,300 guarantees granted, 1,883 new companies and a formalised amount of €964 million, ISBA has provided financial support to 7,000 companies and entrepreneurs and enabled thousands of direct jobs to be created. These are some of the numbers of the entity, which in 2019 celebrates 40 years operating in the Balearic Islands. Just two years ago came the initiative ‘Learn and Undertake’ with which to put “face and eyes to companies and entrepreneurs who struggle every day to maintain and improve their businesses. It’s about moving from theory (because paper holds up to everything) to real life: that of customers, invoices, projects, competitors, successes and failures, etc.”.

In this way, the seventh session of the cycle will be held on 13 November at 6.30 pm in the ISBA premises (C/Genil 30, Polígono de Son Fuster, Palma). CEO and co-founder of Hitt will be in charge of presenting our group and its companies, Dingus and Etoolinnovation. Jaume Monserrat welcomes the opportunity to participate in a forum created “to highlight the necessary increase in R&D indicators in the Balearic Islands, explaining the approach of our business also as a factor of competitiveness in the medium and long term, without forgetting the role that ISBA in our strategy and the synergies that can be achieved”.

We will share the meeting, free upon registration, with the company Beer Lovers and its example of artisan beer production thanks to the combination of tradition and technology. This is something that unites us: to dedicate ourselves to an activity with a long trajectory, supported by constant innovation.

ISBA is a non-profit financial institution with the mission of contributing to the development of the economy of the Balearic Islands. How does it do this: by helping to obtain and improve financing, through the granting of guarantees guaranteeing the proposals to the main banks and savings banks. This allows entrepreneurs, freelancers and SMEs access to financing at the best market conditions. And they have been doing so for 40 years.

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