• At least that’s how we understand it at Dingus, whose Customer Service team in Gran Canaria, Palma de Mallorca and Alicante has once again coordinated to bring all the possibilities closer to our clients and to get the most out of Bookincenter promotions. The tool of ‘promotion management’ differentiates us, because it is the one that allows the hotel to be the one that defines the process of recovery of the demand that better adapts to its model of business… Beyond the market, the competition or the situation, the key to start the activity and the reservations resides in a good tactics of prices. And our technology is developed and prepared to make it easier for the hotel not to be in the queue and to be at the forefront of the mechanisms that will drive the recovery.

Why speak today with special relevance of Promotions. It is clear that both the load and the management of these are actions that have room at any time, and that will always be an added benefit to the commercial management of the hotels. But also that it is now, as never before, when it is necessary to offer an attractive product that not only encourages tourists to travel, but also helps to build their loyalty and make their stay so pleasant that they only think about repeating it.

With that reflection, in Dingus we thought it was appropriate that the third webinar of the COVID-19 crisis, with the aim of recovery and return to the activity in mind, could address in a theoretical way what a promotion is and its areas of application, and in a practical way how to create and activate it both in our Bookincenter and in our booking engine. The result has been a new online training for the Customer Service team that we trust has been interesting for the attendees.

During the session we discussed the optimal use of promotion, one of the four basic actions of the Marketing Mix to persuade the potential buyer, along with the product, price and distribution. A formula that for Bookincenter implies offering the client alternative prices to the existing rates, the coexistence with offers and supplements charged at the same rate, or their own cancellation and prepaid expenses, among other possibilities.

The promotions, in short, give added value to the rate, offering options to the customer when deciding on a destination or another. And they give the hotel possibilities that go, for example, from the differentiation of its direct sales channel, to the best visibility in its own media of relevant actions. One example: the hotel’s health and safety measures that will generate confidence in the customer post-COVID19.

The Dingus Customer Service team tackled the configuration and distribution of the promotions in Bookincenter according to the connectivity typology with the different channels, both PUSH, PULL and only LOW. Simply, and to summarize, because the distribution that our technology allows is especially effective in the segmentation of customers, their preferences and needs.

In addition to the new booking engine, developed as a PULL channel and which we will talk about in an upcoming online meeting, Dingus recommends using Bookincenter not only as a Channel Manager, but also as a Reservation Center so that each hotel, depending on its marketing strategy and channel mix, can manage and control all reservations from a single platform.

The last webinar presented the proposals for direct sales, both from the BIC reservation module and with Roomonline. Everything so that with the option ‘Promotion Management’ the hotel becomes the main driver of demand, by transferring its strategy and price tactics to the customer without depending on the behavior of other actors in the tourism market. This way you can get more out of your product, giving it more added value, differentiating yourself in the channels you decide, and offering personalized experiences and services.