• The development of a new technical solution for the analysis, management and centralisation of large amounts of information, Hitt Group’s first Big Data project and our future Data Hotel, led to the company’s accreditation as an Innovative SME. Innova Experts Group consultants highlighted the process as one of their success stories, during the conference ‘Financing Innovation in the Digital Age’ held in Mallorca.

In September 2018, Hitt Group (Dingus and Etoolinnovation) was awarded the Innovative SME stamp, and we became part of a registry whose ultimate goal is “to establish a public policy that helps business growth and sustainability”. The granting of this qualification was linked to the public funding for innovation of the Centre for the Development of Industrial Technology, which depends on the Ministry of Science and Innovation, reaching 52% of the cost.

The whole process was led by our partners at Innova Experts, who guarantee that “obtaining this seal is very favourable for Hitt Group, both from a tax benefit point of view and from the point of view of image in the market. On the one hand, the company is positioned as a company with an accredited innovative capacity and a clear R&D strategy, with interesting, winning and disruptive projects. Therefore, the logo can be used for promotional purposes, where customers see the Innovative SME seal next to the company logo and knows that, beyond the usual campaigns that all companies make of their commitment to R & D, the merits to innovation within their sector of activity are officially recognized“.

Innova Experts Group - Hitt Group

It is precisely these aspects that the specialized consultancy firm and its director of Corporate Development presented as a success story in the recent Turistec conference on ‘Financing Innovation in the Digital Age’ held in Mallorca. Javier Viñas was one of the speakers at this session of the International Cluster of Information and Communication Technologies applied to Tourism, raised by the “need to improve business competitiveness with all available resources, because currently innovation is a process full of uncertainty, where the financial and business risk must be added to the technological risk“.

  • Innova Experts Group - Hitt Group
  • Innova Experts Group - Hitt Group

In addition to companies such as Innova Experts and Grupo Sampol, the general director and the economic-financial director of the CDTI (Javier Ponce and Pilar Carrato, respectively), and the general director of ISBA, Jesús Fernández, also participated in the meeting. It was closed by the President of the Government of the Balearic Islands, Francina Armengol, who acknowledged that “we do not know what the next technological advance will be … only that it will come, and we must be prepared” and defended the collaboration between public and private sector to meet the technological challenges of the tourism industry.

What’s next?

Once the project has been developed, its importance accredited and both the help and usefulness of the initiative recognized, before, during and after the administrative process, what remains at Hitt Group is a lot of work to put the result on the market soon. This first incursion into the Big Data world is going to be translated into Data Hotel: Dingus’ commitment to this technology to generate business intelligence and make it easier for the hotel to make the most useful and beneficial decisions.

In the recent edition of Fitur we had the opportunity to transfer the project to several of our clients with “very good reception, both for the novelty of the proposal and for the highly innovative product design, as the CEO and co-founder of the company recognizes. Jaume Monserrat emphasizes that two fundamental aspects were evaluated very positively: the capacity of Data Hotel to offer context and historical information in a fast and segmented way, and the fact of having an application based on Business Intelligence plug&play“.

The next stop on this path of innovation for tourism distribution and marketing will be to make Dingus’ new technological solution available to the hotel sector.