At present, entities such as BBVA are promoting the disclosure of the clear business benefits of an API (Application Programming Interface) strategy. Its experts go so far as to assert that these tools, in addition to allowing the appropriate steps to be taken in digital transformation processes, are already changing the world. At Dingus we believe that their vision, overcoming the differences in terms of activity and business volume, coincides with our own challenges of boosting the functionalities of the products that we keep constantly updated and growing.

APIs are interfaces for communication between two software applications that allow, always maintaining their independence, that one uses the information of the other. Developing them to build our offer of products and services has been the first step. To keep them updated and evolved at all times, the second. The third phase already, to begin to liberalize them so that our clients can have the solution they need, when they need it. With all the autonomy, but without losing the protection of the technological platform in which they are located.

In order to reinforce this philosophy of favouring the growth of the business of the aforementioned clients, and opening the project of liberalisation of Dingus’ own APIs (concentrated in the Market Integrator strategy), we have started by allowing third party systems to send contract conditions (prices, availability and restrictions) to Dingus from the PMS, and following certification of the Property Management System itself.

As we indicated, it is only the beginning of the exit to a market in which we want to have all the integrations of the different tools of distribution and management of reservations that the hotel or tourist property has, in a single platform. Each own API of Market Integrator, that is to say, each available Dingus product, is aligned with the concept of payment by technology and appropriate to the cost per use. With the liberalization of each one, we want to extend the interoperability capacity with the client’s Marketplace in terms of solutions.

And what does that mean for our clients?

Basically, everyone can decide on their own innovation policy, choosing the programs that best allow them to integrate with all our products and services. It is also a way of favouring the competitiveness and technological growth of hotels and tourist properties, promoting innovative solutions, unbundling models that do not allow modular uses and generating the capacity to choose the channels by which to reach business objectives. In other words: we work to constantly expand the sales capacity of our customers and API environments that facilitate connection with all types of agents, from all our products. And we do so with the strictest security standards, ensuring that suppliers are certified in each of our integration protocols.

In addition, each API can connect any system to BookInCenter: the client connects to everything it needs, not just the PMS. We believe it is a firm commitment to the flexibility and freedom of choice of each in their sales and distribution initiatives.

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