With China practically isolated to contain the spread of Covid 19 (the Wuhan coronavirus) and with the complicated situation for strategic sectors such as travel and tourism, at Hitt Group we want to share with our clients some of the initiatives being promoted by the industry.

For this reason we highlight and report on the ‘cancellation guarantee’ that drives the Trip.com Group, parent company of the online group led by the Chinese OTA Ctrip and currently the largest in the country and third in the world. This is a free cancellation proposal, whereby the operator’s global partners (including airlines and hotels) offer penalty-free cancellations to customers with previous bookings earlier this month.

On its website, this channel integrated with Dingus since 2018 offers specific information on the situation of travel within or outside the country, the cases to which it is responding with its proposal, or references to restrictions and conditions of official entry of travelers from China to other countries. You can consult the latest communication by clicking here.

In addition, Trip.com is doing important work in raising awareness of the travel industry, getting dozens of airlines and hotels to sign up for the free cancellation guarantee, including Asian Airlines, Singapore Airlines, Hilton, Shangri-La, Jumeirah, Melia, Hyatt, Marriot, Accor, and Intercontinental Hotel Group, among others.

CEO of the Asian company has expressed her conviction that the participation of everyone “will contribute to controlling and preventing the spread of the virus” in the face of what Jane Sun describes as a “critical juncture” and in the face of which she calls for cohesion.

At Dingus we are confident that the dissemination of this information can contribute to Trip.com’s objective, and also be useful for our customers with sending or receiving operations in the Chinese market.