• One more promotion, Dingus collaborates with DirectBeds and the Universitat de les Illes Balears in the Training Classroom for Accommodation and Intermediaton

The fourth edition of the Training Classroom for Accommodation and Intermediation organised by DirectBeds, aimed at students of Tourism and those with double degrees in ADE and Tourism, began on 19 November at the Faculty of Tourism of the UIB (Universitat de les Illes Balears). And one more year, Dingus collaborates with a project that arose from the sector’s own companies “due to the lack of qualified resources to be able to work during the tourist season”. In this way, says the promoter of the initiative, Mireia Faugier, is given specific training in the areas of accommodation, intermediation and technology, and students are prepared to enter the world of work in a personalized way, with instructions and specific knowledge provided by companies that require this type of talent”.

Following the scheduled schedule, CEO of Dingus and Hitt Group recently gave a talk focused on our technological project for tourism distribution, which has made us “a benchmark in the world of tourism and the marketing of hotel reservations through business knowledge”. In this way, Jaume Monserrat explained that “thanks to the solvency of the group’s technological products and services and, of course, the confidence of its customers, we expect to close 2019 with more than 6.9 million reservations processed. That’s 4.5 per second. Monserrat highlighted the role of connectivity and the work with more than 350 tourist distribution operators “to allow us – according to the year-end forecast – no less than 14 billion search requests. We know that these figures are complex for those who do not dominate this business, but each of the 1,300 hotels in our portfolio do know the impact of working with a supplier with this capacity”.

All this makes it possible for Dingus to have a presence in 5 continents, 26 countries and 52 destinations, and to manage offices in Mallorca and Mexico, as well as delegations in Alicante, the Canary Islands, Andalusia and Slovenia. About the employment that is generated, Hitt Group (explained its co-founder) “relies on training initiatives such as this, to incorporate our staff to prepared professionals. In fact, each Training and Intermediation Classroom translates into the hiring of students who have participated in them”.

Precisely, one of the objectives of this specialization course is “to establish the necessary link between the academic and business spheres, offering qualifications and real opportunities to work, once studies have been completed”. As a novelty, this edition offers, in parallel to the students of previous promotions, a series of seminars focused on the profiles most demanded by the sector. This is the case of Guest Service, Product and Yield for Incomings or Tour Operators, E-commerce, or Key Accounts for technology companies such as ours. It is a pleasure to be part of this project and we hope to continue collaborating in future editions.