• Dingus® teams in Spain and Mexico carried out activities with our clients and channels in the Caribbean, an intense activity at the Cancun Travel Mart 2023 and participated in the first Booking.com event in LATAM for connectivity partners.
  • The Dingus® delegation was made up of representatives from the Sales and Marketing, Support and Customer Service departments, David Delgado, Serena Caporro, José Luis Tovilla, Javier León y Agustina Salord.


Dingus® has established itself as the most relevant technology partner for the tourism industry in the Mexican Caribbean, where our delegation had the opportunity to meet with hotel clients from the Riviera Maya and Cancun to analyse the impact of technology and knowledge in distribution. The main conclusion was “the value added to international hotel sales through our connectivity and the exponential increase in integrations with the main operators in the United States and Canada that are in demand in the region“.

The Dingus® offer has enabled “an increase in the number of connected hotels and the total number of rooms in the destination. In fact, the number of bookings managed by our Channel Manager was significantly exceeded in July, generating growth in both ADR and occupancy, as reflected in the indicators of the Dingus® DataHotel analytics platform”.


July 2022 vs July 2023

In July this year, the volume of bookings to Mexican destinations was 26% higher than in the same month in 2022, reaching almost 59,000. The number of overnight stays grew by the same percentage, 26%, and the ADR increased by almost 40% to 55.9 million.

The most common type of stay booked in 2023 was between 3 and 7 nights (78%), followed by between 8 and 14 nights with 13%. Bookings were made between 3 and 6 months in advance and between 8 and 60 days in 35% of cases, confirming the trend towards short-term bookings. In terms of type of distribution, couples are the main customers: 59% of total bookings. And in terms of distribution, in July 23 OTAs led the ranking with 32%, closely followed by tour operators (31%), with booking engines as the third option with a 24% share. In terms of connectivity, the most important channel this month was the hotel website, followed by Expedia and Booking.com.

Across the Caribbean area where our clients operate, comparing July 2022 with July 2023, bookings increased by 20% and room nights increased by 21%. ADR in 2023 was 163.2M, 31% higher than 12 months earlier.


Cancun Travel Mart: business and corporate relations

The actions of Dingus® in Cancun have allowed us to participate for another year at the CTM tourism fair, which has become the benchmark for strengthening the sale of destinations in its negotiation spaces and social events. All this with a view to the forthcoming holiday seasons and ensuring better occupancy rates.

Our stand became a meeting point for hotel chains and distribution channels, allowing us to hold pre-arranged meetings and also to welcome new operators and prospective clients who wanted to find out about our offer. All of them are leaders in the tourism industry and we expect that soon a dozen new international distribution channels will join Dingus®, adding to the more than 420 operators connected to our CRS, as well as the addition of more hotels in Tulum, Cancun and Riviera Maya to the portfolio“.


Elevate Cancun 2023 Booking.com

As a Premier Partner of Booking.com (in addition to being a member of its Connectivity Advisory Board), Dingus® also took part in the first event organised by the platform specifically for its connectivity partners in the region. Booking.com revealed a fact relevant to our business model: 70% of hotels in Latin America and 50% in Mexico are not connected to a channel manager. This is undoubtedly important information with which we are already working to “expand our market opportunities and offer our knowledge and technology, providing technological products and services that favour the digitalisation of hotel distribution and all that it represents”.


Cristina Torres. Corporate communication and media relations