The updates and improvements that we constantly apply to Dingus products and services bring an important improvement in Roomonline version 12.0. Specifically, a new CRM by means of which we unify all the views in a single one, to facilitate the management of the contacts, and a new API created so that you unify those of your web with other systems. In addition, it enhances the generation of custom forms so you can customize the fields to fill, improves the integration so you can unify different micro-sites in a single CRM, and increases the possibilities of customization to configure e-mail templates. But that’s not all: we increase the possibilities of payment sofort (system of European origin for secure transactions between bank accounts, available in European countries and especially popular in Germany) so that you can request payments by transfer to your customers.

What does your hotel need Roomonline for?

Taking into account that more than 70% of travelers book their holidays online, to have a comprehensive solution for direct sales through your corporate website. You also improve communication with your guests, reduce commissions by increasing direct bookings, and advance your collections.

What does Roomonline offer you?

A custom design, with an easy-to-edit and intuitive content manager, a responsive system that adapts to all devices (tablet, mobile, PC) and other important features such as secure payment in a PCI DSS environment, integration with the PMS, or the option of online changes and cancellations. All this with a fixed payment model, without commissions or surcharges.

Three web projects for you to choose the one that suits you best

At Dingus we are clear that every hotel has its own direct selling needs. That’s why we propose three options:

Closed project: suitable for establishments that do not have many fields on their website. Its sections/modules include homepage, hotel, destination, offers and rooms. On this base structure, the client can not add any additional, but modify the elements of color, typography and logo.

Open project: for clients who need to add a section, without the need for a custom project. On the previous basis (closed project) allows to add modules, both in relation to the corporate itself, as a chain. In these cases, the client can choose to add up to four pages (hotel) and 2 in the case of a hotel chain. The modules (which are developed on the basis of predetermined designs) allow different themes to be tackled with 6 designs in total, such as CSR or multimedia.

Tailor-made project: it is the option that allows developing and customizing the client’s needs according to options of structure, modules, sections, number of pages, etc. With this alternative, the designs and the web are totally personalized.

Remember that Dingus España y Dingus México are at your disposal for any query or additional information you need about our products and services.