With customers in 116 destinations in 29 countries, more than 15,500 active connectivities , over 1K million availability requests per month and almost 6 million managed reservations (2018 data), if one thing is clear to us at Dingus it is that the 1,200 hotels that rely on our solutions need a commitment: secure payment.

This objective also applies to the guests in terms of the preservation and confidentiality of their data and to the more than 350 distributors that we have connected. In short, it is about contributing to the reduction of payment card fraud and a forecast that values it almost 33 trillion dollars in 2021.

The entire technology strategy that we have designed and developed to facilitate data integrity, transaction security, sales profitability and connectivity quality is called Book&Payment (PCI/Collection Manager). In practice, it is a platform that ensures compliance with the credit card industry standard (PCI DSS) and its stringent requirements. It is regulated by licensed auditors/QSAs, and the main advantage for the hotel is the increased security and automation of charges.

Anti-fraud solutions

The possibilities of this tool range from generating a token with the card number (so that the cardholder and only the cardholder knows it and should never provide it) to the validation and pre-authorisation of the same, its sending to the customer’s payment platform, the automated collection and the notification to the wrong card channel. In the last quarter of this year, the PCI Rules module will make it possible to establish flexible collection and pre-authorization rules, configurable by the hotel.

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The current moment of the platform and the developments in which they are working to complete it, is what we had the opportunity to explain at the recent session of ‘CaixaBank with the tourism sector’ held in Girona (Hotel Costa Brava, Punta d’en Ramis – Platja d’aro). More than fifty hoteliers from the area attended the meeting, which we shared with the representatives of the financial institution and its Hotesl & Tourism division, Mirai and our partners from AddonPayments (Comercia Global Payments).

Dingus was presented by Paula Servera and Rodrigo Hernáez, responsible for business/product development and national sales manager, respectively. Between the two of them, the characteristics of Book&Payment and those of the brand, focused on high-level technological services for the tourism industry, thanks to  knowledge of hotel distribution and marketing, were conveyed to the attendees.