• Alqua’s latest study on social media strategies and digital marketing has highlighted the great impact of Balearic hoteliers in the ranking. Of the top 100 brands (5,000 have been reviewed) for their online behaviour during the pandemic, one in five is from the islands. Many of them work with Dingus. Congratulations!

The strategic marketing and digitalisation consultancy Alqua published a few days ago its latest report on online behaviour in the pandemic of 5,000 hotel brands. The result, published by publications such as economiademallorca.com, places the companies on the islands as leaders in the use of social networks and digital marketing in these difficult times for tourism.

The information published explains that during the first four months of this year, the economic recovery of the sector began to be noticed since, according to Algua, “almost 100% of the players concentrated their efforts in two areas: the communication of security measures against the virus to transmit confidence to their followers, and the attraction of new guests with aggressive offers and cancellation policies with refunds of almost 100% of the amount”. However, according to the digital article, the growth is not equal among all types of hotels, urban or in beach destinations, and the ‘engagement’ is evidenced according to the type and size of the hotels. In this way, “the large chains take control of the top positions in the ranking with figures for followers and engagement that are much higher than average. The figures on Instagram are much higher than those on Facebook” although the top of the ranking on the latter social network are chains “with a more adult audience” that is more present on it. The most successful influencer marketing campaigns, according to the study, have also been a lever during this period for the reactivation of the tourism sector.

Among the 100 hotel companies with the best performance in this area of digital marketing and social media strategies are several of our clients, hotels and chains connected to Dingus, such as Riu, Iberostar, Bahía Príncipe, Zafiro, Viva, Hipotels, Bluebay, Garden, Ferrer and Protur. We would like to congratulate all of them for positioning the sector as a benchmark in direct, interactive and digital communication.

Cristina Torres. Corporate communication and media relations