• As the tourism industry confirmed that the last World Travel Market was the largest and most positive in years, Dingus® had the opportunity to prove its reach as a technology provider for tourism distribution. And the result was satisfactory.
  • Dingus® DataHotel confirmed itself as an indispensable analytical platform to face the constant adaptability that the sector is facing in the current context.

The working sessions with clients and partners in London, showed the consolidation of a strategy whose main asset is the expansion plan initiated by Dingus® eight years ago. It has allowed us to exceed 1,300 connected hotels in 30 countries and more than 50 destinations on five continents. That accommodation capacity, nurtured by the integration of more than 500 sales channels, is the interaction of supply and demand that our technology drives. And that is the simplest and most direct message we took to the London tourism fair, where we received considerable hotel optimism for 2023. But very confident and positive from now until about February, and a little more cautious from March onwards. They also say they assume that profitability will not be the same, even with good occupancy figures.

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Our impression is that the general uncertainty has made it possible to value the prospects of short periods of time, in this case a four-month period, and to weather whatever comes next with a great deal of resilience. A tactic that is here to stay and that also explains the excellent reception of Dingus® DataHotel at WTM. The analytical platform that incorporates Big Data technology and extracts the value of the data, providing a better perspective of sales results and trends. This is something that, as recognised by those who participated in the beta phase of its development, and later by those who have already had the opportunity to get to know its scope, “makes it easier for the hotel to make the necessary decisions at all times, based on real information and data”.

The recent trade expedition to the World Travel Market 2022 has also given us these impressions:

Interest in the Caribbean destination in general and Cuba in particular.

As a technology provider for the hotel sector, Dingus® is very well positioned in the Caribbean, especially in the Dominican Republic, Mexico and Jamaica. And we are growing in Cuba, one of the destinations highlighted at the London fair, where the minister of the sector, Juan Carlos García Granda, highlighted the fundamental role of the Mallorcan hotel chains on the island. They account for more than 60% of the foreign-owned accommodation on offer in Cuba and have more than a hundred establishments. Dingus® already works with 80% of these brands, which are interested in the channels integrated in our platform due to the marketing possibilities in their priority markets.

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In the other destinations in the area, without the political constraints that affect Cuban tourism, it is precisely the ability to attract American and Canadian tourists through the connectivity with the main operators in both countries that we offer, one of the advantages most valued by the connected hotels in the Caribbean.

In fact, our connectivity department took advantage of the fair to meet with the main companies that make up the sales and distribution ecosystem of our customers, seeking to reinforce strategies and initiatives for 2023. And with a clear objective: to bring more value, efficiency and effectiveness to all from the Dingus® distribution map.

Dingus® DataHotel opportunities

The majority of hoteliers told us of the need for a platform like this, in order to be able to define sales and distribution strategies. Even in the most uncertain times, the volume of data from different reliable sources from which valuable information can be extracted makes its analysis and projection a basic tool for the tourism business.

But at WTM it was also possible to explain other aspects of Dingus®DataHotel that are not so well known, and which are now public with its arrival on the general market:

  • The current proposal includes all the improvements contributed by the hotels that participated in the beta phase, so that it responds to a real need for continuous analysis of the market and the environment. Thanks to the feedback from these customers, it has been given a very valuable user experience.
  • The platform is constantly growing, incorporating the data sources required at any given time.

It operates in three distinct environments: sales (hotel), purchase (channel) and destination. And it offers each one what is really useful for them. In this sense, we are pleased to announce that the Cabildo de Fuerteventura has decided to bet on our technological proposal, becoming the first destination that will use Dingus® DataHotel to share with the tourism sector of the Canary Island all the information that contributes to a better activity. The collaboration agreement between the Mallorcan technology company and the island institution will be signed shortly, although tests have been underway for months.