• It occurred to our Customer Service colleagues that the best way to explain all the advantages and possibilities of our PCI DSS Book&Payment certified collection manager was a ‘virtual’ journey inside. And so they did in the last webinar organized for our customers…

“Secure booking management and collection with Book&Payment” was the latest online training for Dingus customers, led by our Customer Service colleagues. The virtual meeting was held on June 30th and started by visualizing what happens within BaP, both in the Booking Process Circuit and in the Transaction Circuit (term by which we can refer to a charge, or a refund).

After finishing the first tour, we believe that it was understood what is achieved with the tool:

  • guarantee the traceability and confirmation of reservations: because we work from a secure environment that guarantees the complete reservation process in a fast and reliable way with all Dingus products
  • integral management of card data received through our distribution map: because there are no intermediaries, the management of the reservation is done entirely by Dingus and the only data that is passed on to a third party, in this case the bank, is that of the card, which reduces intermediation costs
  • PCI compliance, which helps us keep data secure and prevent fraud, protecting our customers and their businesses
  • connectivity flexibility through API and Iframe: because it allows hotels to connect to our collection manager through any software, and in the way that best suits them.

After going through the second circuit, that of the transaction, and getting to know each of the agents involved in the next step to formalising the reservation, we can see that we have achieved our goal:

  • agility in the collection process: because with a single click and from the same environment, in this case from Bookincenter, the hotel can collect, or return, as the case may be, on the token generated
  • minimize the risk of chargeback and fraud: because thanks to the development of the 3DS, the customer will be the one who authorizes during the process the use of his card data, thus giving his consent
  • guarantee in transactions: because it provides the hotel with a safe environment that meets the highest standards of quality and security.

This would be, in a very brief way, the approach to Book&Payment that was made a few days ago, making very clear the message that, in the future, all the processes mentioned could be automated, leading the hotel to a definitely faster and optimal management of its resources and time.

The second part of the workshop consisted of a practice on the management of the processes discussed in the CRS of our Bookincenter, as well as the way in which they are reflected in parallel in Book&Payment.  Special attention was also paid to the possibility of integrating BaP with other software other than BiC, thanks to the implementation of the iframe or the API development: the data applied in it are registered directly in the payment gateway and Book&Payment would be in charge of the securitization and transaction management for the hotel.

The next Dingus webinar will deal with our new booking engine, which includes essential functionalities that will help you to enhance your web client. For example, we have improved the visualization of the B2C module, encouraging maximum loyalty; we have added upselling functionality; we have perfected the management of both promotions and added services/packages (extras), and we have provided more agility to the final customer when making availability queries, which contributes to the hotel obtaining better conversion results.