• Dingus has had the opportunity to see how those who work with our products and services have not let the exceptional situation we are experiencing prevent them from continuing to make the most of them. We did so during the two webinar sessions on using Bookincenter as a 100% CRS. Now we are preparing the next one, to bring you closer to the advantages of integrating a Revenue Management System (RMS) through the Dingus API.

More than a hundred attendees responded a few days ago to Dingus’ call to learn about the advantages of working with our CRS, an online meeting to transfer to them the possibilities of using Bookincenter as a 100% reservation center, thanks to the distribution map we offer (with a wide range of integrated channels in constant growth) and the latest developments with RMS and PMS.

Among these capacities, aspects such as the control and management of all reservations on a single platform, availability and prices of the direct client in real time, the automatic sending of vouchers to the client, and/or the analysis and decision making based on the information obtained were highlighted.

Dingus believes in the importance of having the complete base of the reservations in the CRS in order to have an integral analysis, allowing to act in consequence with the received data: to see, to study and to decide the best thing for the hotel marketing. That is why we are convinced that our reservation centre is the key to managing the desired sales mix. And especially at a critical time to rethink strategies, have all the tools, and access markets around the world thanks to the catalog of connectivity that we make available to BiC customers.

The training sessions included practical examples of how to create reservations and how to manage them, including collection, and ended with a question time that not only allowed us to clear up doubts from the participants, but was also very useful for us to make the next appointment. We advance that soon the Customer Services team will give a new webinar, this time about the advantages of integrating a Revenue Management System (RMS) through the Dingus API. We will open the call for applications soon.